Providing Boutique Maternity & Lactation Packages – Offering You Expert Guidance and Support.

Antenatal Care

Pregnancy is a precious time that is so individual to each and every woman and couple. Whether it is your first baby or your fifth, maybe you have been through IVF, or you’re expecting twins, perhaps you had a previously distressing experience. Whatever the case, sharing your pregnancy with someone who truly understands can make the world of difference.

Research shows that women who receive continuity of care throughout their pregnancy have more positive experiences and are more relaxed in labour, as well as having better success with breastfeeding. I can offer you this level of support, guidance and joy with a friendly reassuring voice to talk to. I have a wealth of knowledge to share, allowing you to work out decisions best for you and your baby. I am non-judgemental and completely open minded, whilst having Mother and baby’s optimal well-being at the heart of my practice.

Labour Support

Labour and birth often feels daunting for women and their partners, even when if it’s not your first baby. Previous experiences or stories from friends and family can cause anxiety.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be a time of fear. Having the continuity of seeing the same Midwife can help you work through these feelings and concerns, preparing you for a positive birth experience. Discussing birth options and making a realistic birth plan whilst you’re pregnant is very reassuring. Learning about the physiology of labour and birth will give you more confidence in your body. The twists and turns of labour can be different for everyone, so having realistic expectations and being prepared for the choices you may face will help you feel more calm and confident. Knowing your trusted Midwife will be there in the hospital, acting as your advocate, supporting you and your partner every step of the way.

Postnatal Support

Having a baby is life changing in the most incredible way. A love felt like never before which comes with an innate instinct to protect and care for your child. However, these feelings can be overwhelming and sometimes bonding with your baby takes time. Learning their wants and needs isn’t always instant.

New-born babies are a full-time job and having an expert around to help can make all the difference to your experience. As a parent you’ll have many questions, especially if it’s your first-time round. But it isn’t just all about the baby, you are equally as important and with your body recovering and repairing from pregnancy and birth you will need nourishing and pampering as well. Birth is stupendous and like no other experience. As a parent, being able to reflect and discuss your story with someone who gets it and understands can be spectacularly therapeutic. I am able to offer you all of this support postnatally from the moment you have your baby, till the time you are ready and confident enough to say “see you again soon”.


Breastfeeding can be an abstract concept until your baby arrives, with many first time parents not giving it too much thought in pregnancy. Once your baby is born, breastfeeding becomes your world. If you have breastfed before, you may feel the need to be better prepared next time round. Preparation, knowledge and early support is everything. I am available to help at any stage of breastfeeding with whatever challenges you face, however big or small.

Having worked as a lead breastfeeding Midwife in one of the largest London boroughs I had the opportunity to help and guide up to 70 new couples every week with their breastfeeding journeys. Training as a Lactation Consultant has allowed me to gain the highest level of breastfeeding education. Privately I work for the ‘Happy Birth Club’ running the breastfeeding antenatal class and have also supported many private clients over the years.